Sahuaro’s Front Office Keeping Up the Work

Sahuaros Front Office Keeping Up the Work

Alex Herman, Reporter

New schedules, new lifestyles…how’s Sahuaro’s front office dealing with this new school schedule through zoom?

Our very own Administrative Secretary in the Counseling/Curriculum office, Sarah Genung’s schedule is pretty different from her usual. She continues to work on site during this whole pandemic but occasionally remotely works from home. Her job is to speak with students on the phone and to help them get signed into their classes, zoom, clever, and StudentVue. She doesn’t just help them with technical problems, she also reassures them to not worry if they are late getting into a class and lets it be known that it will all eventually become easier and less stressful very soon. But how does Ms. Genung stay positive through all of this? Well she says, “I think that coming to work every day and having a regular schedule helps me stay positive, with all the craziness going on around the world.” Even though the school year has just began, there is still a bit of work and patience that needs to be done, especially because things are different now but she still wants it to be known that “I really miss the students though, and I wish you could all be back on campus! Students are what normally make my days. I love to work with our awesome Sahuaro students.”

Another one of our awesome office ladies who is in charge of Attendance/Registration Lynne Casetta, has been helping distribute students school laptops, exchanging ones that aren’t working, and connecting with families that are having internet issues while also registering students into Sahuaro. Ms. Casetta along with the rest of the office just wants to keep students “engaged in their classes” and up with their schedules during this hard time.  “I miss the kids…I miss the kids being around; that’s why we do the job we do because we love working with students that’s why it’s not been so good.” So how’s she trying to stay positive? For her, it’s seeing her colleagues. She goes to work at the school every day, so being able to see colleagues’ “happy faces” has been good to her and has helped her get work done.