Sahuaro During COVID: Sports Edition


Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-chief

Many of us know that balancing our time is very difficult, from waking up early to finishing our homework late at night, but COVID has definitely “done us dirty” especially when it comes to sports. Not only did everyone begin their season late, but they also have a short amount of preparation before they begin competing again.  Yet, that’s not the only difficulty that this season’s brought the players…

Upon entering the school, the athlete must have their temperature taken and outside, the coach must insure that everyone filled out their ATS COVID screening form before 2:00 pm.  Once all team players have arrived and are given the okay by Becky, they are sent to a designated area where they can have practice. During all of this, the coaches and athletes must keep their masks on at all times with the exception of when they’re socially distancing.

Kamryn Redlin, senior at Sahuaro High School, is one of the top girls golf players this year (along with Cassidy Morrow). “Im so happy we got to play this year,” she says. “Its a little weird to play during the pandemic because we have to stay conscious of getting too close to our teammates, we can’t even grab someone else’s ball just to pass it to them, but nevertheless I am ecstatic to be playing this year. We have 8 great girls and I know we can play really well if we focus!” she remarks.

Even though the process is hard everyone (athletes and coaches alike) are looking forward to a great season. And remember “hydration is key!!” said head Cross Country coach, Handshoe.