How Have Sahuaro Students Adjusted to Online Learning?

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Alex Herman, Reporter

Two months into our new school “lifestyle” online. How are Sahuaro’s students adjusting to it you may ask? Well to many, it’s been a very interesting and an unusual time. Everyone’s still trying to stay on top of everything and get in the loop of this new year.

For junior Gennavive Polston it’s been “a lot different” from actually being in school. She definitely misses being able to go to school and seeing her peers. It’s been a mix of easy and hard for her because some days are easier than others and others may be harder. “It’s still a lot different than what we’re used to, so we are all kind of just trying to figure our way as we go.” But there’s always room for improvement, so what’s that? For Gennavive and many other students it might be having to make sure that we keep on top of our daily assignments and getting things done in a timely manner. There could also be a way that teachers can correspond with one another about how much work there is. Gennavive also expressed that, “I’ve talked with a lot of my friends and they’ve all said about how they are all swamped with work from all classes, so it’s hard to make sure everything is getting turned in on time or that assignments get done in general, and so because of that their grades go down. The students get frustrated, as well as their parents, and teachers .” So we can say that there’s definitely room for improvement on all parts but as long as we help each other out and communicate with one another, things won’t be so hard! Gennavive just would advise everyone to, “do your best, hang in there, and let’s do our darnedest to gave a great year!”

Just like Gennavive, junior Felicity Mattice also is just trying to get used to our new learning style. Trying to focus at home has been the most difficult part for, “everything is crazy being home and being able to do whatever I want with being in my house so it’s hard to focus.” She  struggles with all of the different websites that teachers are using so it’s hard to keep track of them but she says, “It would be easier if we just used the same apps.”

Advice these two would give to the students is: “be prepared and try not to get behind so much or else it will be very stressful!  Do your best, communication is key in this time of unfamiliarity, and let’s have a great year.”

Whether some of us go back to school eventually, or stay online for the rest of the year…just stay positive, keep in contact with your teachers on what you need to do, and try to stay on top of things!