Starting In School Learning? Us Too.


Nathalia Valdez, Editor-In-Chief

Being online for almost half the school year was difficult for everyone, but transitioning back into in-school learning might just be harder. Only a small percent of Sahuaro students are planning on returning, and for good reason.

Amber Landon, junior at Sahuaro High School believes that the best way to concentrate is being in a school setting. “It’s going to be best for me academically,” she remarks. Amber does not feel concerned about not seeing her friends. “I can always make new ones,” she laughes. “…but I’m not really going back to see friends. It’s mainly because I just feel like to succeed in school, I gotta go back, and I’m SUPER worried to go back. I’ve been missing out on a lot of sleep and such lately trying to think of what the best option is for this. It really is a double edged sword,” she continues.

Lex MacMonagle, junior, is returning as well. “I think I’ll like in-school learning better because I can do work after school instead of doing work before school,” he says. Like Amber, Lex believes that hands on experiences help him, and other students, learn more. “I’d also enjoy cooking in culinary and playing badminton if we get the chance,” he says hopefully.  For many of the upperclassman, the new hybrid model is very helpful when it comes to having a job. “It’s definitely better for my work schedule because now I can work more,” says Lex.

Senior Olivia Eastonis not excited to return, but like many of us, believes it will be better for her in the long run. “I don’t have a great established routine to my days and think having the structure of being at school again would help me be more productive,” she admits. “I love online,” she continues, “It was so much easier for me to focus and worry about myself rather than what everyone else is doing. But, I do think it will be nice to have more structure and routine.” Olivia also has a job, and believes that the new Hybrid model will give her enough time to finish homework, relax, and work. “However the one thing I think will be nice is to actually get to know some of my teachers better, but that’s about it,” she admits.

The new in school model will be a drastic change for not only everyone participating, but those staying online as well.