First Football Game of the Pandemic


Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

On Friday, November 6th, 2020, the Cougars had their first game against Walden Grove. However, this wasn’t your usual Friday Night Lights with a roaring crowd and bleachers packed to the brim; the stands were empty besides marching band, cheer, and the announcers.

Cheer’s seniors

Friday was not only the first game, but senior night for the class of 2020-2021. Seniors didn’t get the opportunity to walk out with their parents because of the lack of spectators, but there was a drive-by after the game in the parking lot. Cars were decorated with lights and balloons and some family members made and held up signs for their seniors.

“Honestly the team was really grateful for the opportunity to play and the seniors, I included, really appreciated the game and the community of the school to come together for a Friday Night Lights experience in these tough times,” said senior football player Tommy Cullop.

Despite the last minute loss by one point, the game was still a success. Kirsten Weisbrod, senior cheer captain, said, “Even though we didn’t have a crowd, I am still happy that we are able to cheer on our boys! Let’s make the best of what we have this year and GO COUGARS!”

Band’s seniors

Senior tenor player and drum captain, Conner Pessin, said, “It was very quiet not having spectators at the game, but we still had a great time.” Everyone is very thankful for being given the opportunity to play despite the current conditions, especially our senior Cougars.

Be safe, wear a mask, and go Cougars!!!