How Much Has Online Learning Affected Students?


Malachi Hatfield, Reporter

There were zoom assemblies held on Wednesday, January 13 for each grade respectively. During the assembly Mr. Estrella discussed how the online learning went in the first semester, as well as some things scheduled for the new semester.

This past semester, a new system was introduced for students who weren’t satisfied with their grade in one or more classes. Teachers could issues either an “Incomplete” or a “Passing”. Just from last semester alone, 400 incompletes were issued to Sahuaro students. Another 278 passings were given out. In 2020, 1134 failing grades were given out. That’s almost double of the 643 given out in 2019.

According to teachers, successful students showed up daily to their classes, got out of bed for their Zoom calls, participated in class, kept up with their deadlines, communicated with teachers regularly, and attended conference period.

The P.S.A.T., which had been used to determine several major scholarships, including the National Merit Award, has been canceled for the this school year due to the inability to do it in person.

The pandemic has affected students grades and school work both negatively and positively, but either way, this school year has definitely been a change for all of us.