Region Choir Auditions


Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

Next week, Sahuaro’s choir will start recording their solos for region choir. Students will meet up at the school to live stream their pieces and be judged by the region judges, determining if they make it into the choir or not. If they do, they join another amazing Tucson choir, filled with diverse pieces, people, and opportunities.

Last year, Megan Smith, Kellen Holter, and Brigitta Petty of Sahuaro’s Choir made it in, and they are auditioning this year as well! Students pick a piece, most in different languages such as Latin, German, and Dutch, learn their solos and perform them. After being judged, the ballot received is filled with comments, ranks, and lastly a score. If you didn’t make it this year, then the ballot prepares you for next year.

Kellen Holter, senior, and Brigitta Petty, junior, were first year soprano and bass chair, meaning that they were up front and close with the audience. Also meaning that their representation of Sahuaro’s choir has immersed the reputation greatly. “The process for regionals this year have been pretty stress free, with it being online and all,” Kellen says.¬† “Practicing for it has been tougher at home, but my family friend has been giving me help.” Kellen’s piece this year is called ‘Vergebliches St√§ndchen.’

Ms. Barnes, our Choir director, has been working extremely hard to get everyone on track. “I’m proud of the students that are auditioning,” she says, “it has been especially challenging in the remote world.” Because of the pandemic, students have not been able to practice with our accompanist or Ms. Barnes as much as usual.

Personally, I will be auditioning as well, with ‘I Attempt From Love Sickness To Fly’ by Henry Purcell. Working with and without Ms. Barnes, spending time on my own, learning tempo, music, and the notes is pretty difficult when you aren’t physically there to practice, but we manage.