Nat’s Super Tamales!


Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

Have you ever been so hungry, but when you try to get food on Doordash it’s just too expensive? With the service fee, the Tucson fee, the delivery fee, and the actual amount of food, you end up paying twice as much than what you ordered! Well, if you’re a fan of tamales, then this is the right article for you.

Recently, Senior Nathalia Valdez has been raising money by selling tamales with free delivery, and ready to eat! I had to try these out myself before writing an article on it, so I ordered half a dozen which, rest assured, were delicious. They were warm and amazing.

Tamales after being made at home!

The prices are cheap too. If you’re only feeling one tamale for the day, it’s $2, half a dozen is $8, and a dozen is $18. Those are great deals for quality food.

I had the immense pleasure of trying tamales for the first time through Nat, not only was the customer service amazing, but they came warm, and she even explained to me how to eat them. (Apparently you don’t eat the corn husk.)

So what are you waiting for? If you’re craving a tamale don’t go on DoorDash and spend $20 for a couple of them, hit up Nat! It’s worth all the qualities you look for in service, food, and a friend.

Nat’s Instagram for deliveries is: @nathalia.6806