Cougar Confessional – When Zoom Cameras Turn Off

Krystal Orehek

Welcome to the Cougar confessional, where your biggest secrets as a Cougar are revealed to however many people read this article.

The Arbiter

At the beginning of the school year, we were told it’s required by TUSD to keep your camera on during Zoom classes. Fast forward to 4th quarter, 90% of meeting rooms are filled with black boxes featuring names in big white block letters. Maybe it’s because you’re having a bad hair day, or it’s simply uncomfortable, but the possibilities of what you can do when your camera’s turned off are endless.

Here’s me playing Rhythm Hive, I probably won. (Krystal)

Personally, pretty much every day during my last class I’m doing my makeup to get ready for work. I’ve also made food and coffee many times, my favorite Zoom-creation being french toast sticks. Another staple for me is playing the game Rhythm Hive. You basically have to tap along to songs, and let’s just say these XR cards don’t appear from doing linear distributions.

Similarly, calculus can’t make pets smell like roses and daisies. Junior Paula Le admits to giving her dog a bath while in her math class, which definitely would’ve been an Oscar-worthy moment if her camera accidentally flipped on.

School always seems to be at the worst time no matter what, you either have to interrupt your beauty sleep or get ready faster than light to leave after classes are over. Amanda Mourelatos is not stressing though, because she admits to showering during a class.

So, in conclusion, bathing (whether for you or your pet) > school.

Here I am watching my favorite Twitch streamers while in Biology. (Krystal)

“I’ve pooped, eaten lunch, done skincare, napped, gone to Subway, gotten dressed and did glam and my hair, watched YouTube, and online shopped.” …That’s a lot to cover. Admittedly though, I’ve done most of these things as well and I’m sure others have too. The person who told me this didn’t ask to be anonymous, but I’ve kept it that way for her dignity. If you have someone whose name rhymes with Hay Potzler, please do not randomly call on her.

While everyone else’s answers seem to imply they’re distracted from their class, AJ Braaten does something a little different, “I stare daggers into the souls of the 2 teachers I don’t put my video on for… and they don’t even know it.” Well played AJ, at least you can say you’ve been paying attention.