A Night To Remember: MORP

A Night To Remember: MORP

Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

What is Prom spelled backwards? MORP.  And why am I calling prom morp? It’s catchy. Instead of prom, this year it is being called Sahuaro High School’s very own MASKuerade Ball,  because if you haven’t noticed already, 2021 has been a wreck, and so has most of the senior events we know as prom and graduation. So no, I’m not going to prom, I’m going to MORP, are you? I mean you should, because we all know just like High School Musical, this will be a night to remember. Especially seeing everyone wearing masks and getting their temperatures checked, I will definitely remember MORP being the safest and weirdest night to remember. Oh, how I wish High School Musical was a reality and there was no such thing as a global pandemic. However, that is not true, and it was all just a movie, still we must go on and try our very best to get as many people to show out to pro- I mean MORP, well the ball, as possible.

With only a limit of 175 people at MORP and setting up at most 35 tables with candle-lit center pieces and an archway of flowers at the gazebo, this masquerade ball will be a night to remember. Yes instead of prom, or morp, this night will be known as Sahuaro’s first MASKuerade Ball, get it? Filled with familiar faces guarded by a protective filter and beautiful gowns appointed by handsome men in neat suits. Be prepared to be whisked away for a night under the stars at the amazing venue known as La Mariposa!

There will be outside seating, a candlelit dinner, slideshow presenting all the wonderful moments of 2021, and lastly, hopefully, swag bags at your disposal with treats and keepsakes to remember this night forever. Can’t forget about the photo booth! As well as recognizing the lucky man and woman who will take home the crowns and be officially named Queen and King.

With affordable ticket prices ranging from 65 dollars for an individual and 125 for a couple during presale, which begins April 12th -21st, plus yummy food that’ll fill the souls of this generation, nothing can go wrong. Don’t be worried about the safety of this event, trust me we have TPD as security guards and temperature checks at the door, as well as virtual tickets for less touch and more distance. So grab your partner and start to plan your prom-posals now because on May 6th, 2021 Sahuaro will have its very own masquerade ball/MORP/prom!