The Night of Nights- Sahauro’s First Student-Hosted Prom

Krystal Orehek, Reporter

Pep rallies? Canceled. Homecoming? Canceled. Winter formal? Canceled. This is almost starting to sound like the Twitter trending page… but it’s actually just the harsh reality Sahuaro’s Seniors have had to face this year. A group of Cougars would not let prom be added to this list of cancellations, so they took matters into their own hands.

Beautiful decorations on the set tables! (Analise Nelson)

Analise Nelson, along with Mati Goerke and Ariana Rodriguez, hosted a prom at Medella Vina Ranch for a dazzling night full of dancing, food, and pictures. The idea came about when prom was still up in the air for the school. “A couple of months ago it was my mom’s idea to just throw a little prom for me and my friends and at the time, the school was not planning a prom. As we got closer, it turned into a bigger thing with more people. So now we get 2!” Analise says it took all three families coming together to make the event happen and that it was a “very big team effort.” The biggest struggle? The time it took to plan everything out and make it perfect. The biggest success was the event finally coming together at the end, “Honestly everything was perfect, it was so good watching everyone have such a fun time!” Analise expressed she is thankful for everyone that came and helped, “It was an amazing night for us!”

Nathalia with her friend in prom glam! (Nathalia Valdez )

Why did students decide to go to this student-hosted prom over the one being put on by Sahuaro? Nathalia Valdez thinks dancing is key and mentions what she thinks would’ve gotten her to buy a ticket to Sahuaro’s prom, “I definitely feel like a prom with no dancing is not prom at all, I feel like anyone would’ve rather had prom at Sahuaro and been allowed to dance over having a fancy venue.” Marcela Marcial also adds on with, “I went to the non-school hosted prom because I felt that I would get a much better experience and due to not having the best senior year, I at least wanted to have a fun night that I could have fun with my friends. I feel like the school’s prom wouldn’t be as enjoyable as past proms.” Another factor may be the cost, as dresses or tuxedos, shoes, hair, makeup, tickets, etc. can all be expensive. The prom put on by Analise, Mati, and Ariana had free entry; however, a ticket into Sahuaro’s starts at $75.

Marcela Marcial

Even though it sounds too good to be true, the event went perfectly and our seniors seemed to have a blast. “It was very fun, I enjoyed seeing everyone there and it was a good time dancing with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Also, the little desserts were really good! I wouldn’t change a thing, it was a fun night!” Marcela exclaims. Nathalia had a shared good experience, “Everyone danced and talked, it was a wonderful time!”

Whether you went to this prom, you’re planning on attending Sahuaro’s, or you’re going to both, The Paper Cut hopes you have fun and finally get to enjoy your senior year!