Sahuaro Prom 2021


The venue, La Mariposa

Alexzander (AJ) Braaten, Reporter

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  • Gazebo on La Mariposa decorated for prom

  • From Left to Right: Kylie, Olivia, Brandlyn, Alexys

  • From Left to Right: Daniel, Ricky, Eric,Jeanette and Tyler

  • Denise and Natalie

  • Emily and Damien

  • Alvaro and Megan

  • From Left to Right: Sean, Jarilyn, Jay, Bethany and Connor

  • Prom King and Queen, Daniel Amans, Mia Boatner

  • From Left to Right: Ms Trujillo, Mr Rutherford and Ms Hubbard

  • The venue, La Mariposa

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