Covid Strikes Sahuaro Again

More Events Canceled


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Pep rally from 2019.

Jenifer Urzua, Reporter

We all began the school year with high hopes of leaving the pandemic behind and finally getting to have some good old normal fun.  So  what’s going on in Student Council? All of our school events are getting rescheduled or canceled, including football games and pep rallies. The homecoming dance is an American tradition loved by many students – it’s a way to show school spirit and make memories. Homecoming is all about school pride, getting to know other people, dancing, and letting yourself loose after months of social distancing; it should be a great experience after this whole pandemic. But students at Sahuaro have been wondering if the dance is still on the table.

Unfortunately, it is true that the homecoming dance is canceled. Student Council head of homecoming, Miabella Sainz, senior, had a few words to say. “It is unfortunate that it got canceled.  We were all looking forward to putting on a major event considering how long it’s been. Especially with it being my last homecoming, it’s disappointing. We had discussed having a photo booth for the dance, but we aren’t able to do any of that now. I understand why this decision was made, but it just sucks.”

Mia is not the only one disappointed.  I also talked to Simeon Bryant, who is a part of the football team. Simeon and the team were more than upset that their first game was canceled, they were really looking forward to it especially with it being their opening game of the season.

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Not only was their game canceled, but they also couldn’t come to school for 2 weeks. “It was bad not being able to go to practice, although we did do some workouts at home and had daily Zooms to figure out what was happening with our season.” Even though the team took a break, they’re still feeling confident. “When coming back we had 2 practices a day. I feel like the season is looking pretty good. We can bounce back from the loss.” Sahuaro’s football coach is also helping keep up team morale.  “Coach McKee is doing great with keeping our heads up. He’s encouraging us, making sure we are on our grades…keeping things positive,  encouraging us to do our best through these hard times, and he’s keeping us on our feet.”

Even though we’ve had some setbacks with Covid-19 you can still look forward to spirit week on the week of October 18th, the tailgate on October 22nd, and look forward to who will be crowned king and queen at the October 22nd football game.