Students Are Saving the Heartbeat of Sahuaro- Marching Band

Krystal Orehek, Editor

Sahuaro’s marching band has always brought the campus to life. From hall marches, pep rallies, football games, it’s hard to imagine our school without the sound of the wind instruments and drums throughout the halls. Unfortunately for Sahuaro students, last year the former teacher, Ms. Engel, stepped down to start a family. Since then, the school has already gone through two new teachers and currently, the class has had a rotating list of substitutes.

Justin Todd

Thankfully, a group of faithful seniors has taken the reigns and are currently leading the first period marching band class. Right now the class is practicing fight songs and other pieces they can play at games, and they’ll be in the Friday night lights this September 17th! They are even going to try to branch out into basketball games and as the school year goes on hopefully they can organize bigger events. Usually, the band can be seen performing routines at halftime and going to competitions but for now, they lack mentors, supervision, and funds. When asked if they think they can expect a teacher anytime soon one of the leading seniors, Sam Kerr, said, “I doubt we will, not until next year or next semester.”

Sam also shares the message that “we’re a family, we are looking for more people and even if you don’t know how to play we can teach you. We also welcome any returners back.” If you just want to be part of the marching band but not take the class, you can talk to any members in the band room before or after school to find out the rehearsal schedule. Justin Todd, one of the other seniors leading the class added on that, “I’m really proud of everyone right now who’s staying despite everything that’s going on.”