Grand Canyon University Comes to Sahuaro


Kasia Jackson, Reporter

Not sure where to go for college? Grand Canyon University (GCU) may be an option for you. This is a private Christian college located in Phoenix, Arizona.

They have a 77% acceptance rate, while offering opportunities for on campus or off campus schooling. Their most selected majors are business, criminal justice, and engineering. For each of  these majors listed, they offer over 25 degree programs for you to choose from. These are not the only majors that they have to offer. They have about 50 other majors to choose from.

Nicole, a counselor of GCU, came to Sahuaro to speak to seniors about GCU being an option for their college endeavours.  Although only about a dozen students took advantage of the opportunity, Nicole explained that the application process is quite simple. The ACT and SAT are not required upon application. Another plus, which students will most likely enjoy, is that there is no required written essay in the application process. Those who have a 3.9 GPA or above automatically qualify for a President scholarship, in which students will get awarded $7,500 per year.

Just a disclaimer, GCU is not excluded to those who are not of Christian beliefs, they accept all faiths. So, do not just think that you cannot apply just because it mentions that it is a Christian college.

It is important for high school students to experience colleges coming to visit their schools. It’s good to know what options you have. Some seniors have taken advantage of this opportunity, with similar reasons for showing up. “I wanted to check out what GCU had to offer,” said Andres Islas. “I’m looking for options,” said Daniela Ortiz.