Ads for Grads – Order Now!

Kasia Jackson, Reporter

Want to have personalized pictures in the yearbook? Then it is your time to order ads for grads. It’s nice to have pictures in the yearbook that you can share other than the traditional school photos.

Senior year is a very special year for students. It’s the opening doorway into adulthood. It’s essential that seniors can leave their mark in the yearbook with their own special memories of their LAST year in high school.

Besides senior ads, there are sibling features! Have a picture with a sibling in the yearbook. Pictures can be taken in room 308 or a personal image can be submitted. If involved in sports, team pictures get placed in the yearbook too! Participating in ads for grads and/or purchasing the yearbook is worth the while. Start saving your coins for memories that can last a lifetime.


  • Yearbook: $85

Senior ads:

  • Quarter page: $85
  • Half-page: $150
  • Full page: $265

    * To the left examples for quarter pages









* Examples for half pages
* To the right example for full page
*Sahuaro sibling feature