The End is Near for Class of 2022


Kasia Jackson, Reporter

We have officially reached the halfway mark through the school year and high school will soon become a thing of the past for class of 2022. After May, seniors will begin the process of working towards future careers. Time has surely flown by from freshman year till now: reaching milestones of getting jobs, drivers licenses, and cars.

Most of our fellow Cougars are going their separate ways. While Sierra Blaser is planning to go to the U of A, Angie Clowes said she plans “to go to the Navy… it guarantees a job.” Larissa McWhirter said, ” I got a full ride scholarship to NAU… me and my boyfriend are going to get an apartment on campus.”

Many of our seniors are trying to make the best of their last semester in high school. Gennavive Polston said, ” I want to get through the semester, get goods grades and graduate on time.”  MiaBella Sainz said she wants to “create as many memories with friends and enjoy it while it lasts.”

Changes can be a good but also very scary, which is something seniors are realizing as graduation is nearing. Isabelle Martinez said, “I’m freaking out about being an adult and figuring out what to do in life. I’m also excited to be on my own…buy my own car and pay for my own college classes.” Nate Miller said he is most worried about “college because of still not knowing what I’m going to do. I keep postponing, but I can’t keep doing that.” Something he is excited for is “the independent part, having my own car, house…”

So many things to come this year and Sahuaro’s Cougars are diving head first into their new endeavors. Good luck to the graduating class of 2022 – our future is bright!