What Happens in the Copy Room?

what happens in this elective ?


Emma Brinke, Reporter

Have you ever wondered where the teachers get all their copies? Who makes them?

All of the copies actually come from one elective, Copy and Management, held during sixth period. In this elective, students get to learn vocational skills such as copying, laminating, and delivering. This class gives students their own pace and help from trainers. They can also do jobs on their own once they are familiar with them, and get special tasks or projects.  These skills can be used for a job in the future, whether in schools, offices, and more. The job that interests me most is the deliveries. It involves walking the campus and getting some cardio with all the lifting.  Management is about helping others with their tasks.  It is also cool to go into all the teachers’ rooms and see how different they all look.

Mrs. Leyva, the head teacher, said, “I hope this class will give students a feeling of confidence when they start their first jobs.” She hopes that students will learn patience, teamwork, and corroboration.  Lily Emery, a junior, says, “This elective has taught me work skills and it’s a fun elective.”

The copy room is open during 6th period in Room 402.  Anyone can request laminations and copies or colored reams of paper for school projects.