Bringing Field Trips Back


James Force, Sports Editor

Remember back in elementary school when the entire class would go on a field trip?  Well, Mr. Alan, the AP World History teacher here at Sahuaro, is trying to bring field trips back. During COVID, field trips became obsolete, and we stopped going places in apprehension that we could catch the virus. Mr. Alan, now that the virus is dimming down and the regulations on masks and leaving our homes are pretty much gone, wants to start field trips again.

When he was asked why he wanted to start field trips again, he said, “There is only so much you can learn in a classroom… seeing and feeling what you learn is better and more positive than just reading out of a book.” Mr. Alan added on saying,  “Seeing how our ancestors lived gives us a stronger connection to them and our history.” Another reason that he wants to start up field trips again is that when he was in school, it was just reading chapters and answering test questions, and that’s not how he wants his class to be. He says he wants kids to enjoy his class and to increase their love of history, which is something he feels field trips would accomplish.

The field trip he wants to take his class on is to the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Alan explains that it’s a great museum for ancient human history and that it would reach far back into the past to show kids the extensive history of the human race. When asked about what he hopes the kids get out of this, he responded, “I think they are excited, and I hope they do it because they love history.” He also hopes that it’s a memorable experience for the kids just like he had, saying he remembered field trips to the Anne Frank Museum just because they were fun and interesting. Mr. Alan doesn’t want this to be just a one-time thing either, saying he plans to do a field trip every year, also saying that he would want to mix up the location every year too, never going to the same place twice.