Animal Drive! Oct. 15 And Oct. 22!

Animal Drive! Oct. 15 And Oct. 22!

Natalya Larez, Cougar Tales Editor

Giving saves lives, and three Sahuaro students are rallying support for the vulnerable abandoned and homeless pets who have been abused or neglected.  Animal charities form the best, and often only, line of defense for animals.  Natalya Larez, Ashlyn Healy, and Hannah Jones are hosting an Animal Drive on October 15th and October 22nd at the Walmart Supercenter at 7150 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710.  All proceeds will go to local shelters, and donations of all sorts are needed (animal food, beds, toys, treats, etc).

All animal donations are accepted for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, or anything! We are mostly in need of animal food; however, treats, toys, beds, and cash for the shelters are accepted.

It will be from 1 pm-6 pm on both days, and everyone is welcome! Snacks will be provided, lemonades, sandwiches, etc.

All donations are accepted, and greatly appreciated!

We decided to host this event to do something good for the community, and plan on doing more events like this in the future. “We wanted to do something to help our local community, and shelters seemed like a good place to start. In the future, we plan on hosting different food drives, cleaning up parks, car washes, and other events like this, and we are actually planning on starting a club here at school in order to get more involved with Sahuaro’s students as well!” said junior, Ashlyn Healy.

We are hoping to get donations for all animals, not just dogs and cats. We would love to see donations for birds, farm animals rodents, etc. When we take the items to different shelters, it will be many different types of shelters with many different types of animals, so any donation we get will be greatly appreciated!

Reptile donations will be donated to Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education. Dog and cat donations will be donated to PACC and the Humane Society, and the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue. Aviary donations (birds) will be donated to Forever Wild Avian Sancturary. And farm animal donations will be given to HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary.

Thank you!