Sign Up for ASVAB Test: Learn Your Career Strengths

Sign Up for ASVAB Test: Learn Your Career Strengths

James Force

College and Career Coordinator, Sean Haynes has announced that “On the morning of November 22nd, students at Sahuaro High School will be able to  participate in the ASVAB”, a test that will reveal areas of strength and ability in science, math, and language.  While utilized as a test used for military enlistment and classification, the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP) is much more than a military test.  The program helps students learn about their skills and interests, identify potential occupations, and discover all the pathways to career-field entry. The test is different from the ACT and SAT. The ASVAB measures knowledge and acquired skills.

The ASVAB is important because it gives the military an idea of how you will perform in training. It also gives the students an insight into their next steps after high school. All branches require a 31-35 test score to pass the ASVAB. The Navy is the hardest one to pass, requiring a 35 or higher on the test. Now 50 is average, so if you take it, you have a good chance of passing. If you were to pass the ASVAB, answer sheets would be sent to MEPS for scoring and a couple of days later your recruiter would notify you of your scores.

On the test, they’ll ask you questions about basic science, math, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic, vocab comprehension, auto shop comprehension, and mechanical comprehension. If you were to fail the ASVAB, you won’t be allowed to enlist in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or any branch of the National Guard or Reserves. You can take the ASVAB as many times as you need until you pass, but failing the first time will make you have to wait a month for a retake, and failing it again will make you wait 6 months. Now don’t stress about it being like the SAT or the ACT, the ASVAB wasn’t designed to be as difficult as those tests and with average knowledge, you’ll be ready to take the test and enlist.

To sign up for the test, go to the counseling office or let one of your teachers know and ask them to email Mr. Haynes.  Or, you can email Mr. Haynes directly at [email protected] no later than Thursday, November 17.