College Fair: Are you Ready for the Future?


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Sahuaro High School hosted a college fair for all interested seniors last week. Schools throughout Arizona were represented, not just in Tucson. It was a day for students to come in and look at all the different colleges and the variety of options. What programs colleges offer and what majors colleges offer are very important for the seniors’ decisions. It’s all about what the best fit for you is.  Jaydah Griffith, a senior at Sahuaro said, “I’m waiting for my admissions decisions on Spellman and if not that then I want to go to Howard University.”

One of the schools was Cochise College, located in Douglas, Arizona. The college offers a variety of different programs. For example, the school has sports programs such as boys and girls basketball, baseball, and soccer. Another college that was showcased was NAU, or Northern Arizona University, located in Flagstaff, Arizona. This school offers interesting programs such as 50,000 acres of research in a forest owned by NAU.

I asked Livia Robinson, a senior at Sahuaro what school she wants to go to and she said, “I’m still thinking, but NAU is a strong possibility and I don’t know what I want to major in, but definitely something that involves helping people.”