Art Teacher Leaves Sahuaro


Summer Campbell, Reporter

Art teacher, Ms. Lietner, left Sahuaro not too long ago and now students have to transition from what they did before to having a sub every single day. Is it challenging for students? Is it easy? Before the art teacher left, students did projects such as clay pottery, grid drawings, painting, and collaging. But now, they don’t get assigned any work or get graded for anything.

Maleia Brito, a freshman at Sahuaro, has art for first period and she says, “We’ve been collaging an animal that we love or that we like.” Nobody is really sure if they are still being graded for the work they do now. Some people don’t mind having a substitute instead of their previous teacher, but Maleia says, ” I feel like it’s inconsiderate that she left us near the end of the year because we didn’t have any work to do, but I don’t know the reason why she quit, so I can’t really feel any type of way about it.” She also says that she likes the substitutes,  because they are all pretty nice.

Mary Andrews, a freshman at Sahuaro said, “It is nice to have a free period…we don’t have to do much for this class.” Some people in that class like it because it’s easy, but some people said they wouldn’t take it again because they’d rather have a different elective.  The majority of students in that class said Ms. Lietner was a pretty nice teacher and they liked the art projects they did with her.