Ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Ten Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Taelyn Nordbrock, Reporter


1. Manicure, Pedicure, and Massage- In total around $150, Separate $30 -$50 per event.

Moms need to be pampered whether it’s just a simple manicure, to the whole shebang. Moms have a lot of stress they don’t talk about, and having a day of being pampered by the ones they love is just the right gift for them.

2. A Vibrating roller or Massage Gun $149

Moms work 24/7 whether they’re walking around, sitting down, etc. They’re always doing something. As well as having back pain, shoulder, or neck pain from their posture, sitting down, and walking 24/7, they never have a break. This can make their legs and knees sore, so this is something they can use at home.

3. Designer Purse 

Many moms carry a lot of things in their purses as well as carry everybody else’s stuff when out. A high-quality, or designer purse she’s wanted for a long time can be an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Make sure it has a lot of space, pockets, and something she can pair with most fits. Also make sure she can take it anywhere without it being too big.

4. Airpod Max’s – $480

While cooking, working out, shopping, or any “mom,” activity headphones can be nice to use to listen to some music. Airpod Max’s are the perfect headphone, with noise canceling, and a lot of cushion to them which makes them comfortable while working.

5. Luggage Set -$420

Luggage sets are expensive, and many families go on trips together, or certain moms have business trips. A good reliable luggage set can be a very good Mother’s Day gift when it comes to certain families, especially if you guys travel a lot.

1. Flowers, cards, favorite snacks                                                                                                                                   

 Getting your mom flowers, some snacks, or drinks, with a Mother’s Day card can be very easy and very cheap. It might be a little gift, but it’s still sweet and meaningful no matter what, just a thought that counts.

2.  Bath Set – $48                                                                                                                                                                    Having a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day can be very beneficial for overall wellness, as well as can give some thinking and relaxing calm time for a mother. Most mothers love baths after a tough day. It’s also just a sweet little basket you can wrap and give that is cheap but worth the money.

3. Cloud Slippers -$23.99

Moms walk around the house and at work a lot. A nice pair of slip-ons she can grab to go to the grocery store or any small errands she has will be greatly appreciated. She will also love to wear them just around the house.

4. Gallon Water Bottle– $20-$24

Moms often don’t drink enough water, and drink other liquids. While doing activities and stuff around the house, after work, and even stuff outside of the house she can have a 1-gallon bottle of water. Having a gallon of water is healthy, and it shows you care about your mom’s health.

5. Incense Burners -$10

Incense gets burned and makes a good-smelling aroma, with benefits to your health and well-being. You can get certain smells to burn for different emotions. They can be used for many different things, and burning one after a long day brings a nice smell to the house but can give a good sense of calm and relaxation. Incense is a great and very cheap Mother’s Day gift.