Finals Are Coming Up Cougars!


Natalya Larez, Cougar Tales Editor

Finals are just around the corner! Although, yes, they are stressful, there are a few key ways to be prepared and pass every test!

1) Don’t Stress About It

People all around are telling you to study, and how important your finals are for your grade and your future. While this is true, what good will stressing out about everything do? Remaining calm is going to be your best bet to pass the tests with ease. Stress is just a temporary emotion, and will fade after you finish everything. Try to enjoy your time as much as you can.

2) Time Management

Studying for one final can be difficult – but having 6? Yikes! Although spending time with your friends is important, some time should be taken to study daily. As difficult as it can be, it’ll be worth all the passing scores! And studying a few weeks before finals will benefit you in the long run, rather then cramming 6 classes into such a short amount of time. Use time as your advantage while you can!

3) Spend Time With Your Friends And Family

This can help alleviate stress for anyone, doing things you love. Whether this means movie nights with your parents, or wild nights out, its important to have a balance during such a stressful time. And, if you want to study while hanging out with everyone, you can join study groups! Not only will you be having fun, but you would also be learning – and hearing new angles – for some of your classes!

4) Use Your Conference Periods To Your Advantage

Not understanding some parts of lessons is a common occurrence, and something that can be easily corrected. Luckily, teachers offer time before and after school for personal help! Rather than interrupting a class, when your teacher may be less willing to help you one-on-one, take 30 minutes before or after school to go in and clarify some lectures. This can also show your teachers you’re trying to pass, and can even grant some leniency on different assignments!

5) Get Into A Good Sleeping Habit

Many students stay up way later then they should, and end up waking up too late. However, studies have shown the more sleep someone gets, the better they will perform in school. Staying up late binge watching TV shows or playing video games will only make finals more stressful. Try going to sleep early, and maybe even waking up earlier so you have more time to prepare for the day. Better sleep will lead to better academic balance, so rest all you can!