From Syria to Sahuaro


Sofia Brouse, Media Editor

In the past five years, 14,333 Syrian refugees have relocated to America, and Diana Haj Hasan is one of them. Diana is a new sophomore at Sahuaro who recently left Syria to come to Tucson. Diana lives with her mother, father, and her two sisters, Diala and Nadera. She speaks fluent Arabic and is currently in the process of learning English. Diana and her sisters enjoy attending Sahuaro, mainly due to the abundance of friendly students and great teachers. Diana stated, “There is friendly people at Sahuaro!” Diana is currently in Sahuaro’s choir class.

Since coming to America, Diana has had to adjust to the American lifestyle. Naturally she had to try some American food! Her favorite American foods so far are pizza and chicken. She is very interested in the economy and plans on learning Kung Fu sometime. After high school, she plans to have a family and work at a bank.