Marching Band Championship: Veteran’s Day Vexation


Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

The marching band season is quickly coming to an end, and that means that the championships are right around the corner. The only problem is championships just so happen to be on a very important holiday: Veteran’s Day. This day includes several events that honor the men and women who have served for our country, and many students have family members who are veterans and participate in events such as the Veteran’s Day parade. The band students have various opinions about this occurrence..

Sammi playing the 4th movement on the marimba.
All smiles here! Joaquin is in high spirits for the show!

Sammi Peterson, senior and drum major of the Sahuaro marching band, had a lot to say about this not-so-joyful coincidence. “I was kind of irritated because I personally volunteer at the VA, which is a hospital for veterans,” she says. “And being volunteer of the year, I’m supposed to go to events the VA has. With there being a competition on that day, I’m no longer able to.” She also mentioned, “It sucks because I was committed to volunteering even before high school and marching band started, but now band has to come before the VA, somehow, and I feel I’m not able to be at the VA for the veterans on their day.” Since Sammi has such an important role in the band, she almost feels as if it’s forced upon her to skip a very important event.

Joaquin Cota, sophomore and a member of the clarinet section, told me, “I can see how someone would be mad or upset because it’s a time to celebrate the people who helped protect this country.” Although Joaquin does not have any veterans in his family, he still believes they deserve respect, especially on the day created to honor them. ” I didn’t have much of a reaction though, because to me, it’s just another competition we have to go to.”

Donna is on the field ready to go, along with the band.

Donna Bondoc, another senior and the section leader of the clarinet section, was surprised when she first heard the date of championships. “These wonderful people served our country and made many sacrifices in order to do so and I am so repulsed,” she says. “I personally don’t have veterans in my family, but if there were, I would treat them with the utmost respect,” she told me. Although from a different point of view, Donna still sees the frustration this may cause some people to have.

With some devastated and others moving on, this competition date has left people with mixed emotions. However, the show must go on.