Best friends – Jarod and Gabe


Abi Nash, A&E and Opinion Editor

Possibly the most well-known BFF’s at Sahuaro High School, Jarod Rappaport and Gabe Perales, let me interview them on their one-of-a-kind friendship.

Q: What is something only you know about each other?

A: “Plenty, but there’s a reason no one else knows.”

Q: How long have y’all been friends?

A: “Since freshman year!”

Q: How’d y’all meet?

A: “Through mutual friends.”

Q: What do you hate most about each other?

A: “He’s stubborn.” (They said this in unison)

Q: What is something you plan on doing with each other in the future?

A: “Moving to Phoenix and going to a community college together probably.”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do together?

A: “Having fun and going out on the weekends!”

Q: What are some of your favorite memories?

A: “We went on a trip to Los Angeles by ourselves. We saved up almost $1000 of our own money each. We drove my (Jarod’s) car all the way from Tucson to LA. We spent at least $300 on food and almost $80 on one burger! “One of my  favorite parts was when we raced a McLaren and I beat it in my 1990 Acura, ” reported Jarod.

Q: What’s it like working together?

A: “We always mess around, but we’re still the best employees.”

Q: What’s unique about your friendship?

A: “We are always together, and we complement each other’s personalities. We say things at the same time all the time. We can’t see each other being friends with someone else who doesn’t know as much about sports as we do. We also both do this weird face to people and see if they do it back.”

Q: Do you know each others favorite colors without asking each other?

Jarod: “Yes, Gabe’s is blue.”

Gabe: “Yes, Jarod’s is red.”

The real answer was Gabe’s being green and Jarod’s being blue. Maybe they don’t actually know each other as well as they think they do.

Q: Do you read The Paper Cut?

A: ” Now that we’re in it, yes.”