And the Award Goes To…


Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

Recently, fifteen advanced drama students competed in a state festival in Phoenix. Shoutouts to Tyler Petri, Macy Sigafus, and Ivory Bacy for their successes!

Tyler Petri, a fellow senior at Sahuaro, went head-to-head with 80 to 100 other drama students his age. “I think it went really well. We didn’t have many people perform, but the few that did were really good,” said Tyler. He also received one of eight $1,500 scholarships! Not only that, but Macy Sigafus and Ivory Bacy performed a duo scene and were ranked superior. They were called back, but unfortunately did not advance to the final showcase. Still, it takes a whole lot of skill to reach that level.

The drama teacher, Bridget Rossmeissl, said, “My first year at state (last school year), I lost my water bottle and my purse

(which luckily I was able to find), and our bus broke down when we were trying to leave Phoenix. When I left for State this year, the only thought in my heart was, ‘Well, let’s hope this year is better.’ I’m so proud of all my students that competed at the State competition. It’s not an easy task; and quite frankly, I’m not sure I would have the guts to do what my students do. However, they are hard workers and never stop practicing! I truly think it is their continued dedication to Troupe 215 that got so many of them awards this year!”

May there be many more accomplishments in Sahuaro’s drama department!