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Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

Sponsored Stories

Ha! Sorry, if you were looking to enter your name and actually find something magical or mysterious, you were wrong. This is the annoying reality of “sponsored stories”.

Ever wonder what those weird stories are at the bottom of news articles or popular websites? You have definitely found your answer. These advertisements are the world reminding you that evil lurks the internet in many forms.

Usually, when you click on the link, you are brought to some slideshow. The slideshow ends up on being 20 individual pages, which all take forever to load, and you are left unsatisfied. You always end up wasting your time and the things that are on the website aren’t even as interesting as the dramatic headline. Sometimes the slideshow has nothing to do with the headline they advertised.

The pictures that are with the article usually irrelevant to what the article actually says. Like in the first image where it says “5 Signs you’re Being Cheated On – #2 Is All The Proof You Need” and it’s an image of a girl just kneeling… that’s just weird.

I mean honestly, they do make me laugh but only because I believe they are the “dad jokes” of the internet. They are just SO bad. The ridiculousness of them just sometimes deserves a good laugh.

Anyway,  I wouldn’t mind starting a petition to remove these from the internet. Let’s hope “Sponsored Stories” will definitely never be seen on the bottom of  The Paper Cut’s articles.