Chance The Rapper’s New Album

Jordan Ford, Reporter

During the summer, Chance The Rapper released his new album The Big Day.  Hearing the news that he released a new album was amazing. I was very intrigued in this album since Chance has not released an album since 2016, although earlier in the year he released a song called ‘GRoCERIES’ featuring TisKorean and Murda Beatz. After hearing that song and then finding out he was going to have an album coming soon, I was very excited. I’ve been a fan of his music for awhile so I’m not going to lie, I had high expectations for his album.

The album has 22 tracks and features a variety of different artists such as: Calboy, Dababy, En Vouge, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Megan The Stallion, Shawn Mendes, and many more. Chance didn’t put who was featured on the album. Once I found out Shawn Mendes was on the album, I got even more excited for this release. I have not heard many people speak about this album compared to how many people spoke about previous albums.

My favorite song for sure is for sure ‘Do You Remember’  just because I really vibe with it and it also reminds me of my brothers so when I heard it, I automatically started to favorite the song. I also really like ‘Ballin Flossin’ because it such a hype song. The song is literally that song that anyone can listen to. I’m pretty sure you could sit here and listen to this song with your grandparents and get hyped to it. And also it has Shawn Mendes so it’s even better. Other than that the other songs are just average and really different from his other albums but I’m not complaining. Overall the album is good. I did really expect more from this album and I for sure do prefer his album ‘Coloring Book’ just because the weird nostalgia it gives me.

I would honestly recommend checking out the album and seeing how the album is yourself.