Meet Our New SRO – Officer Bateman


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

Imagine a normal day on the job, but as a police officer of course nothing is normal. You get a call on your radio, saying there’s some crazy naked people at the park, you race over there, and unfortunately have to arrest them. For Officer Bateman, it was probably the weirdest thing he’s ever had to.

Officer Bateman did not have a choice in coming to Sahuaro, “but I’m happy to be here,” he laughs. He thinks “the only difference from Santa Rita and Sahuaro is the amount of kids there and here. In my opinion, all schools are great. It just depends on the kids, students are students anywhere.  I understand that some kids have problems at home and that’s okay. Santa Rita also had a really great environment and I liked all the kids there. Of course, this place has really grown on me and I’m so glad I was sent here.”

Officer Bateman is here to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure students have someone to lean on. “You can always talk to me, if I’m not in my office ask someone to radio call me and I’ll be there, my doors are always open,” he says, but figuratively because the front desk closes at 4.  On the weekends, Bateman hangs out with his family. He has three sons; however, one of them is currently in Flagstaff. He’s not big on fishing (which sucks because his name is BAITman) but occasionally when he goes to San Diego, he enjoys it.

Officer Bateman would like to clarify that he did not come up with the phrase “Don’t Get Got,” from the assembly.  That was Mr. Lundstrom’s idea. He loves it so much, he uses it on occasions. “My motto would definitely have to be ‘not here, not now’ which basically means school is not the place to do anything but learn.”He really likes a bible phrase that says something like, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear. I wouldn’t like to be treated with fear, you should not be afraid, on the contrary I am here to help you and listen.”