Fresh Face ft. Fatima Gorozpe


Amber Landon, Reporter

What was your first impression of high school?

I was pretty nervous, but I was also very excited to see new people and things.

How do you like Sahuaro so far?

Sahuaro is a great school. It’s fun and has lots of great choices of just about anything.

Whats your favorite class?

My favorite class is English taught by Mr. Sye. I like his style of teaching a lot and it really helps me.

What’s your favorite song? Favorite artist?

My favorite song is dontmakemefallinlove by cukoo, who is also my favorite artist.

What’s your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is a giraffe cause they’re really pretty and aren’t super big predators or prey, they’re just chill.

What middle school did you go to?

I went to Gridley Middle School

Have you made any new friends that stick out?

I have made new friends because I think it’s good to have friends in each class that you can rely on.