Artist Spotlight: Paizley Wallace


Andy Mourelatos, Reporter

Sophomore Paizley Wallace is a self-taught, passionate artist who focuses on the precise details and more realistic side of art. She has been infatuated with art since she was 10-years-old when she really undertook the hobby. Wallace is a big fan of realism and that shows in her illustrations. People and human characters are her favorite things to draw. Her biggest inspiration is a Japanese horror manga artist, Junji Ito. “I love his work because he can express so much emotion with just a picture.”

Digital illustration of late rapper Lil Peep by Paizley Wallace

Her proudest accomplishment is a digital drawing of late musical artist Lil Peep in his memorial. It took her three months to complete due to all the intricacies and details. She hopes to one day be able to sell her art and do commissions, or selling a personalized drawing to others based on their request.

A sketch of musical artist Billie Eilish based on her debut album’s cover by Paizley Wallace

Wallace doesn’t use any fancy tools to make her art, just some mechanical pencils and standard Walmart pens. She is a great example of showing that you don’t need to have expensive materials to be able to make artwork you enjoy. She also has never taken any art classes, being completely self-taught.

A Halloween drawing by Paizley Wallace

Wallace does not know if she wants to take her passion for art further into a career, but is open to the idea of animation or selling her artwork. Her best piece of advice for beginning artists is, “Even though it seems like you suck compared to other artists, everybody probably feels the same way about their own work. Nobody is perfect, and don’t let your own criticism get you down.”