Only 2000’s Kids Could Relate

jordan ford, Opinion Editor

There’s always so much hype about 90’s kids, although 2000’s kids shared basically the same childhood, so here are some things that only 2000’s kids would remember. Stay mad 90’s kids.

Silly Bandz: In elementary school Silly Bandz were definitely all the hype. If you weren’t cutting off your circulation with a wrist full of Silly Bandz, were you really living your best life? Although Silly Bandz were just cool shaped rubber bands, we all wanted them or we all had them.  I’m not going to lie, but I would for sure still cop a pack of them, they will always be iconic. Who’s down to get some?

Milk Magic: If you don’t remember these, you were probably lactose intolerant. I’m just kidding, but I have such a fond memory of seeing those straws with little flavored beads in them and they totally changed my five-year-old life. I cannot be the only person who remembers going shopping with their parents and asking them to get a pack for them. Although the flavors were kind of normal the fact that we could change the flavor of our milk with a straw was crazy.

Danimals: A lot of 2000’s kids childhood was based around snacks. It may sound unhealthy, but we all remember the snacks we had in our lunch boxes, or the snacks that we would literally beg our parents for. Danimals were a fond memory that we all shared. The fact that we all were freaking out over the chance to win a cruise with Zach and Cody made it all the hype. The question is, who won that cruise?

Pillow Pets: It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a pillow pet. If you didn’t read that in a sing song way you are not a 2000’s kid. Pillow pets seemed so wild when we were children. I think it amazed all of us that we could have something that’s a stuffed animal but also a pillow. It was just so wild and innovative to our little children brains.

Gerber Life commercials: It’s a Saturday morning…you’re watching your favorite kid shows and randomly, the Gerber life commercial comes on. Us being kids, we probably didn’t comprehend what that commercial was about, but we sure do remember it. Again, it was just one of those random commercials that kind of stuck with us forever, overall just something really odd and random that I feel like all 2000’s kids can remember.


Old Disney Channel and Nickelodeon: Hannah Montana, Zach and Cody, Drake and Josh, iCarly. These were

the prime times of these two iconic channels. Nickelodeons Worldwide day of play we all lost our minds but did any of us really go outside to play? No but that’s okay, these channels used to be so pure and now these channels are low-key wack, but don’t even worry, we still had our really good shows.

The Nintendo DS: This was honestly one of the best things 2000 kids had, yeah 90’s kids had gameboys but DS were the glow ups of the gameboys. Will I still blow all my money on a DS, yes but who wouldn’t? Once they came out everyone and their mommas had one. Once the DSI came out I think I for real lost my mind but that is okay.

PBS Kids: If you weren’t watching PBS Kids sometime in your childhood what were you doing?

PBS Kids was definitely the move as a kid when you were sick, or maybe that was just me? Anyways it was one of the most purest kids channels. Clifford The Big Red Dog, Barney, Word Girl, Martha Speaks, and don’t forget Arthur aka the show that helped create some of the best memes.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries: When the Scholastic Book Fair came, you more than likely bought one of these books and ended up getting addicted to the series. I think everyone at least had the whole collection of one of these two. To be honest, if you think I didn’t try to start writing a diary like Dork Diaries you are seriously wrong.

Team Jacob or Team Edward?: Team Jacob for sure but that’s not the point. In elementary school all the girls would for real be tweakin over what team to pick, but we all know what team Bella should’ve picked. Also can we give it up to the soundtracks for all the Twilight movies? Because there was never a bad song in the movies.

Kidz Bop: I’m not going to lie although Kidz Bop was kind of cringey, it was something so embedded in our childhoods. The commercials were every where. Kids around our ages singing our favorite songs (but the more appropriate version of them).

Crocs: The ugly but semi cute rubber shoes? Crocs have for sure made a come back for us 2000’s kids and I’m glad they did. Crocs as a kid were just so cool – the colors, the charms, everything was just great. I can go on about Crocs forever but I’m just going to stop right here.

Poptropica, Club Penguin, Movie Star Planet, and CoolMath: Whenever we were able to get access to a computer we were for sure playing one of these games. These games/ websites are so nostalgic to us 2000’s kids and it was because when we were able to we spent most of our time playing one of these. In middle school and some of high school once we were done with our work, I still some kids playing Coolmath or Poptropica.

Justice, and Claire’s: 2000’s girls all were at these stores 24/7 once allowed to go to the mall by themselves. These two stores were the most girly stores but also the best stores to shop at. Once I was allowed to shop at the mall by myself or with friends, the first store we went into was for sure Claire’s. Blowing the little money my parents gave me on random BOGO jewelry or on random low quality makeup. In elementary school  most of the girls clothes were from Justice along with their backpacks and anything else you can think of, although I don’t shop at Justice anymore you could for sure catch me going in Claire’s to buy random jewelry that I more than likely don’t need.

2000’s R&B : Till this day you can catch most 2000’s kids jamming out to early 2000’s music, but can you blame us? Early 2000’s music was for sure so iconic. But more importantly early 2000’s R&B was the best of all, the vibe of it over all was so amazing. You will catch a few 2000’s girls saying “if it ain’t love like 2000’s R&B, then I don’t want it.” Trust me all 2000’s music is the move though and you can’t deny it.

Although 90’s kids get most of the hype us 2000’s kids for sure know we lived the best childhoods.