The Junior Class Has A Voice: Alyssa Brown

Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

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She dribbles, she shoots, and she SCORES! She is very involved with our school, not only does she play basketball for our lady Cougars, but she’s serving up new and exciting ideas for the class of 2021. Alyssa Brown is our junior class president.  She’s starting with a new and fun way to watch movies with fellow classmates. This seems impossible; however, during our interview she did state, “We’re going to try and start movie night, or maybe drive-up movie night.” She even has new ways of spreading the word through social media, this will keep all Sahuaro students updated on fundraiser events and more.

Speaking of fundraisers, Alyssa organizes them and when asked: Do you like organizing these events? Her response was, “I do, I like everyone’s input and creative ideas.” As for all the work put towards these events, Alyssa has done a lot, and thanks to her and all of Student Council, we have amazing pep rallies. There is a lot of time and effort put into being the class president, so when asked: Did you want to deal with all this extra work? Her response was, “I knew it was going to be a lot, but with time management it was way easier than last year.”

Student Council is making a big impact in our school. “I like the ideas we all come up with, and how we can never take no as an answer.” With this being said, Alyssa and her fellow council members are very consistent and passionate about their duties and responsibilities as leaders for the class of 2021 and for all of Sahuaro High School. As a closing statement she said, “We are the best class out there, and the most involved. We really are extra!”


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