Mullets Need to Make a Comeback



Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

Mullets. You’ve heard of them, business in the front and party in the back. That staple 80’s haircut many celebs as well as your parents are guilty of having. If you’re a fan of oldies you may recognize them from hit songs “Mullet Boy” by the Beastie Boys or “Cut the Mullet” by Wesley Willis. Watch shows on Netflix? Then you’re bound to have watched the series Stranger Things in which heartthrob Billy makes a dashing statement with his mullet. I believe it’s about time to bring them back. We’ve brought back fashion fads from that era such as mom jeans and tacky knitted sweaters so why not mullets. Let’s look at some reasons they should return.

Teen Vogue

Mullets look good with any and every hair texture, straight to coarse we can all rock them. They would look sick dyed unnatural colors. Easy maintenance, just a few strokes of a brush and you’re looking fresh. Mullets are sure to make you the life of the party. Has conversation gone dry? Just bring up your dope mullet and how sick it is. It is the ideal accessory to any outfit, dress it up or down with your favorite thrift finds. Lastly, its a showstopper – if you see someone enter a room with a mullet, you’re going to look. Let’s bring that gnarly haircut back!