New Stuco Freshman President, Cesia


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat investigator

Cesia Salazar is the freshman Student Council President and has a lot of things to do. When speaking with Cesia, she said that in middle school she was a part of Student Council, which made it easier to decide that she wanted to join in high school. Cesia came into Sahuaro wanting to get more involved with the school and meet new people.

“At first I was scared to join because I was going to run for president,” she says. When asked if working around upperclassmen was the scary part, she replies, “No because I knew the whole STUCO business.” Cesia wants to do a good job in helping the school out with activities and funding. Her favorite part of being in STUCO is all the fun she is having and being able to make new friends.

She said the 4th period class is probably the best because she gets to be in it with all her friends and gets to make new friends in all grade levels. One of the things that Cesia wants to complete is being able to bond with all the teachers and members of Student Council and form a good relationship with them. Cesia said, “I’m really glad that I decided to go through with running for freshman president because it gives me a lot of opportunity to have fun with the school and meet so many people.”