How To Have A Hot Girl Semester

How To Have A Hot Girl Semester

jordan ford, Opinion Editor

As Hot Girl Summer ends, Hot Girl Semester is in full swing. Grab your textbooks, pencils, and TI-84s, this is how to have a hot girl semester.

Come To School: You can’t have a hot girl semester if you don’t come to school, so pull up. While you’re at school though try to have a positive mindset. If you’re at school and being negative all the time, your time there overall is going to be wack. P.S. try to make some friends because it will make your time at school fun.

Turn in Your Work: The work you do at school is lowkey important and if you don’t turn it in, then what is the purpose of even doing it? So you have to turn in your work. Even if it’s only part of the assignment – half credit is always better than a zero.

Study: Take notes, make them pretty, and make study groups, or group chats. Studying is one of the most helpful things to do in order to pass. And isn’t passing what you need to do for you to have a hot girl semester?

Get Involved: Join clubs, try out for teams, do something. When your involved it helps making friends and usually if you are in a sport it will help maintain your grades, because having a bad grade means you cant play so it will make sure your passing. Plus Your teammates, or other club members will more than likely help you out as much as they can so that’s a really good bonus.

Watch Who You Hangout With: As a hot girl, you have to be careful who you hang around. How are you going to be a Hot Girl Scholar if you’re focused on petty drama? The people you surround yourself with can either make or break your school year and it’s definitely not worth it. Although having friends can be really great, just be aware who you’re around. You got to make sure you’re focused on the right thing, which is school.

Have set plans and goals: As the school year can get very overwhelming make sure you have a set mindset of what you are trying to accomplish during the year. Whether your goal is to have straight A’s, make more friends, or become the star on your sports team, plan out how you are going to accomplish it and then do it.

Do not get into fights: School is already stressful enough, and getting in a fight with someone should not be something you’re focused on. Fights for sure cause more trouble than something good so avoid them at all cost. If you don’t like someone don’t pick a fight with them, it won’t get you anywhere. The best you can do is just don’t bother interacting with the person if its that big of a problem.

Overall have some fun: You’re only in high school once (well hopefully) so try your best to have fun. Everyone needs a break so get some friends, take a break, and have some fun.