Why The President Should Be Impeached



Calvin Mueller, Headline News Editor

Donald Trump. The President, The Don, whatever you call him, you have an opinion on what he does. Ever since he has been elected, and before, there has been an almost unanimous call for impeachment from the left Americans. One thing you cannot deny though is that he has captured and ignited a political awakening amongst American youth, they want him gone–and they might get just that.

Now, I’d like to think of myself as someone who has some political reason, and someone who has some sort of talent–from who knows whereof understanding politics. Now, let’s talk impeachment.

It seems like there’s only really two sides to this debate–which is nothing new to American politics. As for me, I think the time has come for the Trump Presidency to end. I never have been a fan of Trump, I always thought he represented the wrong in America, from what he has said about women, to what he said about Charlottesville, I don’t believe he has represented our country well.


There should be pride in being American, and Donald Trump has taken that away from me. I believe the President should be someone who represents the best of us, someone we can take pride in, and someone who doesn’t abuse their power. Now, I secretly have always wanted for Trump to be impeached, but I knew there was nothing to warrant it, and I certainly didn’t want Mike Pence in office–someone who actually knows how government works. What Trump has said in regard to Ukraine, everyone–whatever your party– should be mad. Abuse of power to try and squash your political opponents has no party line.

Some Republicans, who know what’s best for them, have supported impeachment, but also actually standing up to the President. To my surprise, it has seemed, in my opinion, that the Republican-held Senate, has taken steps to distance itself from the President. For me, it’s unanimous passing of the inquiry to view the call transcripts, but also the termination of the declaration of emergency at the Southern Border. It is also the many Republicans suddenly resigning now too, that gives me hope for the future. I think we are taking the right steps. Are the Democrats doing the right thing? Yes and no, I think the Democrats need to be more careful, but they also need to act swiftly before more opposition is created. I think this could unite America. I may sound optimistic, but I believe without President Trump in office, we can all try and work together.