What’s Been Going on with Room 208?


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat investigator

When I first walked into room 208 on my first day of freshmen year, there were a bunch of pictures and posters of all the football games all over the walls and there was a big flat screen TV hanging up on another wall. Now, when you walk in you will find all blank walls and no teacher. So, what happened to the English teacher? What’s going to happen in the future?

When I talked to many teachers they said that they’re trying to hire a new teacher to take over room 208. Since Mr. Sye left the school, we’ve had a lot of substitute teachers. That’s not ideal because we are so behind everyone else. From doing one boring worksheet after another or assignments out of a giant orange textbook that was published over twenty years ago, to having free time the whole entire class period, it’s hard to focus on one thing.

Next year, when these freshmen walk into sophomore year, we’re going to be so behind from everyone else because we are not learning anything new. Doing pages in the school book and doing random stuff that we already learned in 7th grade is not helping us be successful at all. If they ever do hire a new teacher, it’s still going to be hard to catch up on everything because we missed so many weeks of doing nothing. No practice for the PSAT, no learning how to write an essay, no new vocabulary, no nothing (not even how not to use double negatives!)

My opinion on this is that they should probably interview a few people for the job and hire a person before it’s too late. They should know that we need the ability to learn and not just sit in the classroom all day and do nothing. It’s important to take an English class and be able to learn in it.