The Concert of My Dreams


Godsmack live at the Comerica Theatre

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor-in-Chief

Since I was in the womb, my parents raved about rock band Godsmack and their live performances; they’ve seen them live at least four times. They told tales of lead singer Sully Erna and the drummer (Tommy Stewart in 2002, now Shannon Larkin) drumming together on spinning platforms and how hard they rocked on stage, saying they’re the best performers they’ve ever seen. My heavy-metal mind was swirling with visions of a phenomenal performance. The anticipation was killing me until finally, they came to Phoenix at the Comerica Theatre and my parents let me go.

On the night of October 16th, 2019, my dream came true. At 7:00 pm, the opening band Monster Truck took the stage. They were a mediocre band, nothing to fuss over. However, when the second opening act Halestorm came out, they came out with powerful vocals from Lzzy Hale. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Wow, she has some lungs!” Not only that, but her attire was incredibly bold: A leather fringed jacket, tight leather pants, and bright red platforms. My favorite song they performed is Uncontrollable because Lzzy directed it towards all the women as a song of empowerment and freedom to be yourself. Her vocals were amazing, the drummer was fantastic, the energy was amazing. They really took Phoenix by storm…get it? Anyways, their liveliness really woke me up and kept me engaged throughout their entire performance, even though I only recognized one of the songs.

A black curtain was drawn up before Godsmack to add the element of surprise before the fall. When the curtain fell, out came Godsmack starting with When Legends Rise from their newest album. Even though I was seated on the highest and furthest section, their energy projected all the way back to us. They played some of my favorites:¬†Voodoo, Cryin’ Like a B****!, Unforgettable, Under Your Scars, and Bulletproof. However, I was really upset they didn’t play 1000 hp and Love, Hate, Sex, Pain. They played all their music with a high level of intensity and enthusiasm that stunned me; being so far away from them affected the intensity, but it still stood strong.

One of my favorite moments was when he was about to play¬†Under Your Scars and Erna was explaining The Scars Foundation, which was created to help those with mental health issues and spread awareness of them. That song is the first of its kind from Godsmack; a piano is used and it’s a very gentle song, unlike their heavy metal pieces. Another one of my favorite moments was when a second drum set emerged from the white backdrop, which Sully hopped on and went at it with Sharron. It was exactly how I imagined it when my parents told me about it; I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Sully started on the bongos while Sharron played his set, then Sully joined him. The spotlight bounced between the two as they traded off playing, then joined together. One threw a stick up while the other played a fill, then switch. My jaw was on the floor.

So, did this concert live up to my expectations? Yes, yes it did. The drum solos absolutely made it. I loved all the songs they played and the passion that came with them. 10/10, would see again (preferably closer).