Senior Spotlight: Tatiana Moreno


Dacey Cervantes, Reporter

Just a “pop of color” for Tati’s Instagram

Tatiana, or as her friends call her Tati, is a 17-year-old senior whose passion is makeup. She started doing makeup because she wanted to engage in some form of art. She shared, “I saw girls with colorful makeup and wanted to do it myself.” The question widely asked to makeup artists is, “When do you feel the most inspired?” Tati feels most inspired when she is either upset and/or gleaming with joy. She never seems to be that inspired when it comes to seeing an image of a makeup look, she goes based off of her mood. Her friends love seeing her new looks because she does the most amazing blends with colors and with recreating old looks she’s once done. To each look she adds her own flair to it, and makes it her own look and the style she likes best.

For each look she does, she takes her time and will sit down whenever to create an amazing blend of colors. Creating makeup looks “makes me feel happy and feel good and confident,” Tati shared. When asked if she saw makeup as her future job or becoming an influencer as an MUA (makeup artist) she responded with, “Honestly I do not know, I’d be happy either way. But I do see myself still doing makeup for myself and others in the future.”  She shares her favorite looks on her Instagram at itsssstati.