Girls Golf Succeeds Once Again


Girls Golf Team Wins State!

Calvin Mueller, Headline News Editor

You’re on the brink of making State for the third year in a row. This is every high school athlete’s (and coach’s) dream. This dream was achieved this year by junior, Cassidy Morrow. This is her third year on the girls golf team, and this year has been very different.

Cassidy is the only person to make State this year, a stark contrast to the previous two years where the whole team went to State. The biggest change between the years was that “our strongest players graduated last year,” and that people this year have struggled with eligibility and adapting to the complex sport. She hasn’t had to deal with this; however, because she has played golf  “since 5th grade,” golf isn’t the only sport she excels in-she plays softball and soccer for Sahuaro as well. 

Cassidy expects only the best from herself for State this year. State feels “rewarding” due to the amount of hard work she had to put in to make State this year. It wasn’t easy though, she had to change many aspects of her play from learning “how to adapt to courses, weather and conditions, and just learning to make the right shots.” One thing is for sure, all of Sahuaro will be rooting for Cassidy at State this upcoming Monday and Tuesday.