The Superior Jordan of Sahuaro


Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Correspondent

You may have seen this friendly bright smile walking around school with homemade baked goods in hand. Jordan Ford is a senior with the most positive vibez and creative juices. Jordan has a talent for baking, dyeing clothes, and making jewelry. She always pulls up to school in the sickest fits, most of the time clothes she has thrifted or DIY’d. Jordan started making jewelry at the age of 7 when she received a Tinkerbell charm set for Christmas. But her love of thrifting came up more recently, her freshman year. When asked for a fashion tip she replied, “If you like it, wear it. If you think it’s ugly, it probably is, but wear it anyway.” Her mom heavily influences her taste. She wants to be an entrepreneur when she’s finished with higher education.  Jordan is always happy to make you a custom-made bracelet, or even some cookies. She says,” If you ever want to buy anything from me jewelry related, hit me up!” So if you ever see her around, say hi!