Best and Worst Zodiacs


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Gabriella Jamerson, Foreign Corespondent

we heart it
we heart it

To start off, I’m a Capricorn, deemed the most boring and determined type of person of the zodiac. But here are a few of my favorite and least favorite zodiacs (from experience of course).

My favorite Zodiacs

  1. Sagittarius-These guys are so reliable and sweet-hearted people. They are always there for you, never hesitating to help you with any problem. A mom type sign.
  2. Libra- The kindest souls! They might be absent-minded but they always have your best interest in mind always there to hype you up and show you immense amounts of love.
  3. Gemini- Usually great people to strike up a conversation with. Gemini’s have a warm energy. They never make you feel uncomfortable and are super funny.

Now to the Zodiacs that low-key suck.

  1. Virgos- Come on, we’ve all met that super judgmental, rude for no reason person. They were most likely a Virgo. They’re cold-hearted and all around mean; they tend to be such downers. Not gonna lie, Virgos are funny people, but their sense of humor is usually dark.
  2. Aquarius- Oh man, these emotional babies are problematic and drama starting. These energy draining individuals usually are nice at first but deep down ready to start something. Aquarius love to play the victim.
  3. Capricorns- They’re cool people but they have threatening stares. Since they have a barrier constantly around them it’s hard to get along with Caps. No cap.