Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Are you tired of listening to the same 5 songs on repeat? Do you want to expand your music taste? I’m here to tell you guys a whole bunch of songs that YOU MUST LISTEN TO:

Sayonara-Aries: At first I was feeling very iffy about this song, but after the second time listening to it for a second time? It was a life changer.

Aphrodite- Rini: Let me tell you Rini is a great artist especially if you’re into very chill songs. All his songs have an R&B vibe and if that’s what you’re into, go give this song a listen. Aphrodite is from his new EP After The Sun.

Teleport 2 Me, Jamie- WZRD (Ft. Desire): This song gives off major Kid Cudi feels. Which if he’s one your favorite artists, stop what you’re doing and put this song on now! It’s such a different vibe that I think anyone could listen to it so I would totally recommend this song to everyone.

Lets Fall In Love For The Night- FINNEAS: If you have a crush on someone right now you’ll love this song! It’s definitely the type of song that you daydream listening to, or maybe that’s just me? That’s besides the point though. I’ve known this song for a minute now and can never get tired of it because it’s that good!

Beautiful- Aidan Ochre: This song to be honest puts me in my feels. It’s not even a sad song but it’s such an amazing song that it makes you feel sad. I found this song one day when I was casually listening to my favorite playlist and it got suggested. I don’t know what else to say besides this song needs to be in your playlist right now!

Summertime In Paris- Jaden (Ft. Willow): When I heard this song for the first time I automatically liked it. Jaden Smith and Willow Smith? In one song? There was no way I wouldn’t like this song. Its very chill with a good beat and style.

Feel Again- Alec King: I’m not going to lie before I went to the Kiana Lede concert I had no clue who Alec King was, but I was not disappointed once he came on to stage. He performed this song and once he did I was obsessed. 10/10 would recommend you checkout his music.

Comeovurrrrrrr- Omar Apollo: I’m pretty sure I can rant about how great Omar Apollo is forever! (But that’s a whole article on its own.) If you are on a long car ride and you want to have like a really vibey song put this on! Actually put this song on now, it will more than likely calm you down and make you so happy.

Can I Call You Tonight- Dayglow:  This is a song that makes you get butterflies in your stomach UwU. Its such a cute song like it makes me feel all lovey dovey and it’s an amazing feeling.

Tity And Dolla- Isaiah Rashad: THIS SONG IS A BOP! It is so hype but gives you a mellow vibe. It will make you feel like a baddie.  The artist voice is fantastic and will make you chill out.

How to Say Goodbye- The Cultbusters:  How do I put this in words? This song is just amazing if your happy this song will most definitely make you miss a relationship you may not have had.

Everything I Wanted- Billie Eilish: This song just came out but it is wow a really good song. What more can I say? Billie always makes bangers and that’s on exclamation point.

Feelings are Fatal- Mxmtoon: This song goes out to all my emotional guys and gals. Mxmtoon is most popular from her song Prom Dress which is kind of a different vibe of this song. This song is lowkey really sad but in a good way?  Its the best song if your feeling down but it wont make you happy, sorry guys.

Your Soul- Forrest:  This may be the most Vsco girl song I have on here but it is so good. This is the best song for a nice sunny day when your chilling with the pals drinking ice tea or something. This song will make me get up and clean my room because it’s such a postie song.

Her- Majid Jordan: This may be one of the most chill but yet upbeat song. Majid Jordan honestly has no bad songs but this one is my favorite. His vocals, the beat, EVERYTHING about this song is chill. If someone played this song at a party you can bet that I will get hyped.

Dr Whoever- Amine: This song did come out a year ago but hear me out…. it’s a BOP. This song is Amine’s intro song to his album ONEPOINTFIVE. This is not the only good song on his album but man oh man this song it just hits different.

I hope you found interest in one of these songs and definitely check them out so you can add something different to your playlist!!