Bell-Bottoms Are Back?

Bell-Bottoms Are Back?

Dacey Cervantes, Reporter

Flare jeans, also known as bell-bottoms, made their first visit to the fashion industry in the 70’s and were very popular. Each year since, there has been talk of them finally coming back. In case you didn’t know, flare jeans are just a bigger opening at the bottom of the legs of jeans, just like bootcuts but bigger. In my opinion I say it’s about time.  Flare jeans have always been in, just in the way of their stepsisters, the bootcut jeans. They been an old fashioned icon but they’ve always been in, just not called flare jeans and didn’t have the big opening as when they made their first entrance.

Bell-Bottoms hit the market in the 70’s and were one of the biggest iconic jeans there was.  With the return of bell-bottoms, will there be a return of denim? I say there should be. Denim is one of the most fashionable things out there, I mean almost everything made is denim in the fashion industry. Bring the 70’s back. I mean except the hair. I don’t believe we have that much hairspray. Bell-bottoms deserve the come back and go with just about anything.

The outfit you choose will all come together with that extra flare at the bottom. They come with different designs in different types of materials. You can get your bell-bottoms as denim, leggings fabric, spandex, etc. These pants will bring your look together and make you feel and look fabulous. At first you may question them and their fit, but I promise you will not regret your choice in choosing bell-bottoms as your pants of choice.

In my opinion I say the come back of bell-bottoms is huge and absolutely worth trying. The bell-bottoms may be an odd concept for some, but you should really try them out. They are a comforting fit in multiple different materials and patterns on them. It’s the come back of the 70’s and its worth it.