Freshman Catch Up


Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

With the semester coming to an end soon, the freshmen on campus have had months to get used to high school life.  I caught up with 3 of them wondering how they like high school so far, what they have learned, and  what they learned that will get them through the rest of the year.

Kiara White learned that you need to turn in your homework on time because it’s not all “due on Friday like middle school.” And her freshman year has been good so far except for the lock down and fire evacuation, which was a surprise to her. She really likes high school so far because she gets to see her friends everyday and have fun. I asked her what is something she would tell her freshman self back in August with what she knows now. She said, “The school is big and you will make a lot of friends, so don’t worry and have fun.”

The next freshman I interviewed was Montgomereigh Bradley. One thing that she learned is the atomic number from any element on the periodic table in Physics class. Her freshman year is going well so far and she really likes coming to school now that she knows where her classes are, how the school works, and her new friends. One thing she would tell her self before freshman year is, “to work hard and not mess around in class.”

The last freshman I interviewed was Alyssa Hernandez.  She learned that “everybody hates freshmen” and biology is her favorite class.  Her freshman year is not as bad as she thought it was going to be. Her favorite thing about high school so far has been the football games and homecoming. In August she wishes that she knew to, “take all your classes seriously” so she wouldn’t get behind in her classes.