Civic Action Project: A Success


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Mrs. Stevenson, Social Studies teacher, proudly proclaimed, “Sahuaro was in the news last night… and it was positive!”  Mrs. Stevenson had her classes look at problems around our campus and come up with viable solutions to fix them, rather than the standard “complaining” without doing anything.  Students had to pick a

problem that mattered to them so that they would feel truly inspired to look into it and see every possible solution that could come out of it. Some students who attended the Community Night, which was held on Tuesday the 19th, were able to present their projects and possible solutions.  Part of the criteria, was to invite community members, family, and friends to partake in the evening events. Mrs. Stevenson stated, “There were high school teachers from other schools, parents, and various organizations were there supporting our students. TUSD Board member, Rachael Sedgwick attended and she had great suggestions of connecting students to various people and groups throughout the community. Dr. Trujillo took the time to talk to each student and learn about their project. My students were amazed of the time Dr. Trujillo spent with them, asking them questions and listening to their ideas. They greatly appreciated the fact that they had the opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas.”  Many were even interviewed by KGUN9. Some projects included painting around the school, including the sun dial and arrows in the parking lot. Other projects included more water bottle filling stations, fixing locks for doors in some of the buildings, and possible vape detectors in bathrooms.

Stevenson wanted her students to be able to practice what real people do when they want change in the real world. They focus on things that matter to them and problem solve. They have to apply their skills to try and persuade to help the actual problem get fixed.

Mrs. Stevenson ended by saying, “We have an amazing student body. We all just need to focus on the good and not let the negative drag us down.”